• Prepare for
    the Unexpected
    Protect your family documents
    Keep everything that’s important to you
    and your family shareable and safe in one place.
  • Save and
    Share Docs
    With anyone, anywhere 24/7.
    Collaborate with Family members, care-givers
    and professionals.
  • Military-Grade
    Safeguards your documents
    Keep life safely organized from one place.
  • Advance
    Planning Tools
    Use Easy-to-Complete Templates
    Share with family members, care givers and
    family advisors.
  • Access Medical
    Records 24/7
    You control your Records
    Retain copies of your records.
    Eliminate office visit paperwork.
    Print / share when needed.

Introducing Family Records Vault

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What is Family Records Vault?

Family Record Vault helps you to keep all of your important family records online. This software helps individuals store important documents and files safely, using Military-grade encryption. Your files can be accessed anytime and from anywhere from a Smartphone, tablet or computer. Family Records Vault enables the sharing of records with family members, care-givers and other professionals.

Family Records Vault is the new family records storage destination!

A solution at a price that works for you.

Try It for FREE!

* Document storage without limits.

* No contracts or hidden fees.

A family solution at a price that works for you.

Advantages of Using Your Family Record Vault

Your "Plan in Advance" for any Emergency, Accident, Illness or Disaster.

Online Storage

Keep all your documents securely stored, up to date, and accessible from any device.


Quickly share or send any document to anyone, even if they don’t have a Family Records Vault account.

Stay Secure

Keep your files private with protection from Military-grade 256-bit encrytion.

Vital Records Access

Keep everything that’s important to you and your family, safe in one place.

Advance Directive (Living Will) templates

Easily create and store your Advance Directives using state-approved Templates.


Search and locate any document in seconds.

Guest Passwords

Provide access to your family members, care-providers and other professionals.

Emergency Login

For use by Emergency and Medical personnel.

FEMA recommended

FEMA recommends using online record storage in the event of a natural disaster.

Family Records Vault
uses three security measures to ensure your documents are always protected

Optimized for Mobile Devices ...too!

Family Records Vault is ready to display your records on any device. .

Smart Phone Compatible

FamilyRecordsVault.com will adapt to any smart phone.

Tablet Ready

FamilyRecordsVault.com is Retina Ready and your data will always display on any tablet. Take your tablet with you to Medical Appointments and share your medical records - no more wasting time filling out paperwork!

We’re here to help.

Most family’s keep multiple paper file folders with records, or shoeboxes with records, and many of these folders are never re-visited or updated until it’s an emergency. Many times, important documents are misplaced, lost, or even destroyed. With Family Records Vault, you create a secure, interactive, and ever-evolving document folders – so nothing ever gets lost or accidentally destroyed.Family Records Vault is a straightforward and secure way to keep your records on hand, at your fingertips and up to date.

Aging parents that require the help of their adult children as caregivers is a growing trend. Family Records Vault enables you to keep all of your parent’s information – Medical and Health Records, Prescriptions, Living Wills and Trusts and other important day-to-day information in a single location, so it’s ready to access at any time that you (or your parents) need the information. No more “searching“ for important documents!

Absolutely. With Family Records Vault’s smart search bar, you can easily find your documents whenever and wherever you need them.

Yes, Family Records Vault is designed to enable you to choose the specific individuals that are granted access to your information.

Contact us via email at customerservice@familyrecordsvault.com and we will be happy to address your questions.

Please email us directly at BusinessDevelopment@familyrecordsvault.com—we would love to hear from you!

Yes, many firms offer the Family Records Vault as a Benefit to their employees. Please email us BusinessDevelopment@familyrecordsvault.com to learn more!

Start Enjoying your Family Record Vault Now at $5.00/month!


The ULTIMATE one-stop location for all your family docs!

* Document storage without limits.

* No contracts or hidden fees.

A family preparedness solution at a price that works for you!